Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hanukah or Christmas?

When I lived in Canada, I loved Christmas. I loved the tinsel, the trees and especially the lights. The holidays are so much fun – there are all those gifts; everything in the stores goes on sale and haven’t you noticed how everyone’s so polite, how the average person on the street smiles more.. Everyone’s so much nicer and happier! Oh…and we’re all on vacation

In North America, we give Hanukah presents and a lot of us even have family Hanukah dinners with stuffed turkey and other Christmas Hanukah delicacies. Whether we like it or not, North American Jewish society is all out there shopping and enjoying it. How can we possibly compete with the glitter of Christmas without just imitating it? How can we let our kids know (okay, I know this sounds trite) that all that glitters is not gold? Are we even interested in trying?

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