Friday, January 5, 2007

Who's teaching our children

A lot of people in the Jewish orthodox blogosphere are talking about this article. When I first read it, all I could think is -"what's wrong with these people?" Why would any society go out of it's way to undermine the growth of one half of its population? A lot of modern orthodox people who read this article reacted like I did at first - e.g how sad, how unfortunate! but it doesn't really influence me.
And then I realized - hey, this is part of my world. Hareidi Jews are not a separate people. These are Jews too and their rulings impact on me - a lot of our teachers are Hareidi and more and more community Rabbis across Europe are from the Hareidi world. And we all know that Hareidi rulings tend to influence modern orthodox thought. It' sad amazing how so many MO Jews think that Hareidi Jews are closer to the real thing. We shouldn't be looking from the side. We should be getting right in there and arguing. We should be saying loud and clear, hey guys, this is a mistake, both socially and halakhically. We should be shouting it out and we should make it clear to the people around us and to our children that these type of rulings are just not acceptable to us.

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  1. You have got to be kidding. They are not listening to us - they don't even listen to their own reasonable voices. And I think that we do say loud and clear that we support education for all - actions speak louder than words.