Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who pays for the kids?

Here's a new twist on an old theme. In one community, schools have banded together to withhold (!) tuition assistance from families with more than 8 children. You heard right. The schools simply cannot afford to hand out free tuition to parents who were not responsible enough to plan for the financial stability of the families they were having. It's a novel thought - you want to have children, make sure you can afford to support them.


  1. What community is that? (Not lashon ha-ra...I just want to be sure not to move there.)

  2. Would you be willing to write something as a guest poster on my blog about this? No need to name the community if you don't want, but I would be interested in the background that has lead to the decree. My email is a gmail account: orthonomics.

  3. Would you be willing to write a guest column for my blog Orthonomics on what lead to this policy and what the ramifications are? It certainly sounds as if this community has reached true crisis proportions.