Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Too Much Doing and Not Enough Being

A recent article in the London Times shows that commuters all over the world are walking much faster than they were ten years ago (see http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/science/article1733967.ece). The gist of the article is that in the [post] modern world, people are too busy today to enjoy life in their quest to achieve.

In a recent Lookstein Center webconference on spirituality, Rabbi Aryeh Ben David asserted that people often neglect their essence, rather than being "human beings", they become "human doings".

Has Judaism has also been affected by this process? Is it possible that Orthodox Jews have become obsessed with the minutiae of halachik achievement, constantly adopting more stringencies and practices, that they have stopped thinking about and appreciating the purpose of our halachik practice? Has keeping halacha to its strictest degree overtaken its purpose of bringing us closer to God and Man?

For example, rather than becoming liberated by Pesach, many of us have become slaves to its halachik (or pseudo-halachik) stringencies and rather than creating a holy society, strict separation of the sexes on even busses and taxis, has often succeeded in desecrating God's name (See Zvi Grumet's schmoozed http://schmoozed.lookstein.org/2007/05/jewish-education-works.html).


  1. I wrote a similar post about getting caught-up in detail and an interesting debate ensued. http://ahhhri.blogspot.com/2007/04/halacha-and-exodus-have-we-lost-plot.html

  2. Tuesday, May 15, 2007, "Too Much Doing and Not Enough Being"
    This article is okay. It gives only how people are too busy in the quest of getting something to eat for them selves and to their family. No body has even time to have a nice bite and enjoy the life. It is totally mechanical way of life. The stress of the work is taking its own toll on these people. They are slaves to get more and more perks. Rather I would put it as intellectual slaves. The amount of stress and strain they undergo among the competers to make their establishment to have big money.
    Actually people should enjoy their work, living and also along with others. There should be a solution at the earliest for such problems. Spirituality alone can do wonders, I call it as spiritual management of life. Then only the mental pollution, physical pollution and also to some extent environmental pollution can be reduced.