Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jewish Educational Leadership invites articles for the Spring 2009 issue focusing on Active Learning

Active Learning is used to describe a broad array of learning modes designed to actively engage the student, with the common element of moving away from traditional frontal teaching. It could include cooperative learning, Socratic circles, experiential education, constructivism, peer teaching, service learning, student-generated commemorative programs, and much more.

* What does research indicate are the benefits and downsides of active learning?
* Are there modes of active learning that are more effective than others?
* How do we assess active learning?
* What are the difficulties involved in moving from a traditional teaching method to one of active learning?
* Can active learning be employed in traditional Jewish text-study?
* What role can technology play in the development of active learning?

For more information on the types of articles and guidelines for writers see http://www.lookstein.org/journal_guidelines.htm

Submissions will be accepted until February 15, 2009.

Please send your abstracts, final copies, or questions to the Editor,
Zvi Grumet at zvi@lookstein.org

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