Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel in Gaza - educational resources

Both of these resources should be of interest to educators discussing Israel's "Cast Lead" campaign with students:

1. From Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz of the JEC in Cleveland

The JECC has posted to its website an Immediate Response Curriculum called, "Israel: Connecting with our Heads, Hands and Hearts (Gaza, 2009)." This is a guide that does not have easy or pat responses to share with our students, for as you know, the situation Israel finds itself in is complex. This Response Curriculum contains links to many resources so that teachers may find the ones that best help them educate themselves and then find ways to open the conversation with their students.

The curriculum may be found here: or can be accessed by link from the JECC home page: We have discovered from past experience with our Response Curriculum that those who have trouble accessing the document are probably not using Internet Explorer ... so IE is the way to go. We have also learned that some people who have been to our website before are linking to an older version. If the Israel curriculum is not in the box at the very top of the page, just hit refresh and you’ll get the Gaza version.

Finally, in honor of the Inauguration on the 20th, you may find some materials in our Election 2008 curriculum to be helpful (also linked from the same webpage).Please feel free to forward this email to any listservs or educators who may find it of use.Our hearts and prayers are with Israel, as well as with all innocent civilians caught in the conflict.

Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz
Senior Director
Director of Curriculum Resources
Jewish Education Center of Cleveland

2. From Hillel Zaremba of CAMERA

As Israel continues ‘Operation Cast Lead,’ CAMERA has developed curricular materials for teachers who wish to engage their students about the conflict and the events and issues surrounding it. “FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Operation Cast Lead: A Teacher’s Guide” is filled with concise information as well as links to articles and videos, appropriate for students in grades 7-12.

The material addresses the following questions:
· Where and what is Gaza?
· What is Hamas?
· Is Hamas the legitimate government of Gaza?
· Where and what is Sderot?
· Who is responsible for starting the current round of fighting?
· What is Israel trying to achieve in Gaza?
· Is Israel reacting in a disproportionate manner?
· Who is responsible for civilian casualties among the Palestinians in Gaza?
· Is Israel allowing a humanitarian crisis to develop in Gaza?
· How is the fighting being covered by the media?

All the video material referenced in the FAQs is only accessible via the Internet so you must be connected to the Web to use it.
The material is accessible by clicking

You may also wish to access our main Web site at as well as our blog “Snapshots” for regular updates and analyses of the conflict and its coverage in the media.

Finally, for those wishing more historical background on the Arab-Israeli conflict, turn to Module 4 (“A Brief History of Modern Israel) on the “Eyes on Israel” curriculum CD which you should have already received.

Hillel Zaremba
Curriculum Coordinator

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