Thursday, December 3, 2009

Call for papers: Teaching for Ethics

Jewish Educational Leadership invites articles for the Spring 2010 issue focusing on Teaching for Ethics.

Ethics can be inculcated in a variety of ways, conscious and unconscious, reactive and proactive. This issue looks to explore the question of teaching for ethical behavior, addressing topics including, but not limited to the following questions:

  • How do we translate ethical teaching into ethical behavior?
  • How does teacher behavior affect student ethics?
  • How do school policies and their implementation impact on the ethical environment?
  • How can teachers deal with plagiarism in the Internet-age?
  • Are there Jewish perspectives on moral development?
  • How should schools react to unethical student behavior outside of school?
  • How do we deal with conflicts between Jewish texts and contemporary Western ethics?

For more information on the types of articles and guidelines for writers go here.

Please send abstracts before February 28, 2010.

Please send your abstracts, final copies, or questions to the Editor, Zvi Grumet

zvi at lookstein dot org.

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